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Accessorize your cookware.

Personalize your Lodge collection when you choose from an assortment of colorful and functional accessories that maximize your cooking experience. We've designed products to help you care for your cookware so it will last for generations.

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Just a little spritz.

It's easy to season your pan after every use with our Seasoning Spray.

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A person sprays the seasoning spray onto a Lodge Cast Iron Skillet.

Outdoor & Camping Accessories

Make the most of outdoor cooking adventures with our camp oven accessories, chimney starter, grill covers, and utensils.

Camp cook like a pro!

The versatile Fire & Cook Stand can handle the heat from an open flame or charcoal.

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Lodge Fire & Cook Stand sits in a campfire.


Add a touch of flair to your table presentation when you deliver sizzling dishes to the table in our serveware.

a cast iron serving griddle with a wooden trivet and red silicone handle holder.

Keep your hands safe.

Cast iron cookware gets hot. Protect your hands with a Silicone Handle Holder, available in multiple colors.

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