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Seasoning Spray, nylon scrub brush, pan scraper and silicone handle holder sit next to a Lodge Cast Iron Skillet.

Protect and Enhance Cookware Finish

In the Seasoned Cast Iron Care Kit, you get everything you need to use and care for your seasoned cast iron cookware.

Keep Cookware Seasoned

It's easy to season cast iron cookware with our seasoning spray. Use it to love and care for your cast iron so it'll cook like grandma's cookware.

A person rubs the seasoning spray onto a Lodge Cast Iron Skillet. In the background is the seasoning spray bottle, the nylon scrub brush and the silicone handle holder.
A soapy cast iron skillet sits in a sink next to the nylon scrub brush and pan scraper.

Easily Remove Baked-on Food

With our Pan Scraper and Scrub Brush, you can clean tough, baked-on food from your cast iron.