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Lodge History

Lodge & The 2002 Winter Olympics

By: Lodge Cast Iron / February 10, 2018

In 2002, Lodge produced four items for the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah. Former Lodge CEO Bob Kellermann talks about these items and his experience running with the Olympic torch in Tennessee.

In 2001, Lodge CEO Bob Kellermann approached the Salt Lake Olympic Organizing Committee about including the Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven as an official licensed item of the 2002 Winter Olympics. "They thought I was nuts," says Kellermann. He eventually convinced them it was a good idea because of the Dutch oven's importance to Utah state history.

Lodge produced four items with the Olympic logo: a 10.25 inch skillet, a Dutch oven lid, a 3.5 inch skillet spoon rest, and a Dutch oven cookbook put together with help from the International Dutch Oven Society.

In addition to the items Lodge produced, the Salt Lake Organizing Committee also asked Kellermann to be a runner for the Olympic torch on its journey through Tennessee.

Lodge & The 2002 Winter Olympics