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The Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven with Lid sits on a wooden table.

Use for Generations

The Lodge Dutch Oven is made for decades of cooking and comes seasoned for an easy-release finish that improves with use.

Master Slow-cooked Meals

This Dutch oven is the ideal vessel for slow-roasting meats, simmering hearty dishes, and baking delicious breads, giving you exceptional flavor and moisture every time. 

A delicious chili is being stirred in a Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven.
The Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven with lid sits on a gas stovetop in a modern kitchen.

Experience Even Heating

Get great edge-to-edge, even cooking every time you use your Dutch oven. It also retains heat well.

Lodge Recipes

Make a memory in your cast iron Dutch oven.

Enjoy recipes the whole family will love.