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Meet Cast Iron Collectors Larry and Marg O’Neil

By Mary Theisen / June 25, 2019


Cast iron collectors Larry and Marg have thousands of pieces of cast iron cookware in their cast iron museum in Tacoma, Washington.  

Cast Iron Collectors

Larry’s interest in old cast iron cookware began years back when he asked his mother if he could have the old skillet hanging on her kitchen wall. Larry’s mother told him that the skillet was already spoken for and would go to his sister. 

Larry set out to find his own vintage cast iron skillet and he soon found two at an antique store for only five dollars.  

Cast Iron Collectors

That five-dollar purchase ignited a fire in Larry. Before you could say “cast iron skillet,” Larry and Marg were cast iron collectors. They have traveled throughout the United States seeking out vintage and antique cast iron cookware. 

Most of their collection can be found in their two-level cast iron museum, contained within a large pole barn located on O’Neil farm property on the outskirts of Tacoma, Washington. There, thousands upon thousands of cast iron pieces—each different from all of the others—are on display. 

Their collection of antique and vintage cast iron includes many pieces made by the Lodge Manufacturing Company as well as other old United States and Canadian companies. Part of their collection of Lodge commemorative and advertising skillets are hanging on a covered wall on their home porch, and many more pieces are in their museum. 

Cast Iron Collectors

A section on the second level of the O’Neil museum is devoted to Lodge products. Their Lodge collection includes old waffle irons, skillets, kettles, camp ovens, stands, toy pieces, and so much more. 

If you have an interest in old cast iron cookware and find yourself in the Tacoma area, look up Larry and Marg! They are more than happy to show off their museum to visitors (by appointment). 

For a sneak peek at the O’Neil collection and museum, visit Mary Theisen’s YouTube channel.

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