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Meet Grady Britt

By Mary Theisen / March 6, 2019


Grady Britt of Raleigh, North Carolina, has been a collector of vintage and antique Lodge Cast Iron cookware since 1993. As a born-and-bred Southerner, he chose to focus his collection on Lodge Cast Iron due to Lodge’s Southern roots. The fact that Lodge is reasonably priced with aesthetics he enjoys is a bonus.  

Britt has been a collector of vintage and antique Lodge Cast Iron cookware since 1993.

A friend and I had the chance to meet with Grady and Jean Britt at their beautiful art-filled home in September 2018. Grady’s collection of antique and vintage cast iron cookware is prominently displayed throughout the home. The collection includes beautiful sets of old Lodge skillets and pans, Dutch ovens, kettles and bulge pots, waffle irons, gem and muffin pans, advertising pieces, trivets, and much more on display.

Grady’s interest in antique iron began with a cast iron waffle iron belonging to a member of his family. He began hunting for a waffle iron for himself, and shortly after realized he’d started a collection. He joined, met, and shared information with members of the two major cast iron collector’s clubs in the United States, the Griswold & Cast Iron Cookware Association (“GCICA”) and the Wagner and Griswold Society (“WAGS”). Grady has also seen the Lodge foundry first-hand, and has met with both Bob Kellermann, Lodge former CEO and president, and Carolyn King Kellermann Millhiser, historian at Lodge. Grady is truly a student of Lodge Cast Iron.

Grady enjoys talking about iron, too. After 5 hours spent showing us his collection, I thought he seemed disappointed when we left. While my friend and I were tired from such a great chat, we had the impression that Grady could have continued for hours, showing us pieces and discussing the variations and unique characteristics of each. Grady loves his iron.

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