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Meet John Clough

By Mary Theisen / March 6, 2019


John Clough of Chester, Virginia, is a painter by trade and Lodge Cast Iron collector by choice. He’s been collecting for about 5 year and has amassed hundreds of pieces of Lodge and Blacklock cast iron. His collection includes an impressive number of unique and hard-to-find pieces. He’s always on the hunt to acquire more unusual pieces.

The cast iron collection of John Clough.

John is a fortunate collector. He found antique and vintage Lodge to be reasonably priced and readily available. The best part about collecting Lodge? He feels he will never be “done” collecting, as Lodge is the longest-running American foundry and continues to produce new items every year. John respects that Lodge is, and always has been, run by descendants of founder Joseph Lodge who are dedicated to preserving the Lodge name, reputation, and product.
John is very committed to his hobby. He spends about 5 hours a day on the internet, studying everything he can find about Lodge—its production, history, and business. He examines the old pieces, looking for variations and factual explanations for the variations. He questions commonly-held beliefs in his search for provable facts. He likes to talk (and debate issues and beliefs) with other knowledgeable long-time collectors. As John says, “I want to know everything about what I collect.” This is typical of John; he doesn’t do things halfway. If he’s in, he’s all in.

As a member of the Griswold & Cast Iron Cookware Association (“GCICA”), a vintage cast iron collector’s club, John can be found on GCICA’s Facebook page, where he is an administrator. He’s very generous on the site, sharing his extensive knowledge about Lodge with others on the page. John’s willingness to share is illustrated by his response to me when I first contacted him. He said, “I am a Lodge collector. How can I help?”
If you’re interested in learning more about vintage and antique Lodge Cast Iron cookware, reach out to John on the GCICA Facebook page. He’s happy to help!

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