Seasoned Steel Skillet


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Whether you’re frying up a couple of eggs or perfecting a pan sauce, the 8” seasoned steel skillet is a valuable piece in any kitchen.


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ESantos commented on 14-Sep-2013 12:14 PM3 out of 5 stars
These seasoned carbon steel skillets are fantastic. They are extremely versatile and can be used with just about any cooking surface or with any cooking method. I use this size skillet only for frying eggs. It is the perfect size for up to two eggs. Whether over easy or sunny-side up they come out perfect every time. I never wash these pans with soap. Only warm water and light scrubbing with a synthetic pad is all that is needed. Dry with a paper towel and re-season with just a tiny bit of vegetable oil. Store in a dry cupboard. Treated with the respect they deserve these should last several lifetimes.
Tim is STL commented on 12-Feb-2013 01:06 PM4 out of 5 stars
I bought this for camp cooking to use on a Svea Hiker stove but have taken it for a test drive indoors. Before use I scrubbed and oiled and seasoned to seal the factory coating.
Then I gave it the omelette test. This size of pan is great for 2-3 eggs. Cooked up great, It stuck on the first use, but after a few uses it now releases well. ( I put a little olive or canola oil in the pan first). I also have made hamburgers in it, one at a time. It is lighter that the cast iron but heavier than most other skillets. The longer handle is nice, especially for cooking over a flame. I'll try it on the grill once the weather gets warm. I would recommend the larger size if you're cooking for 2 or more people. This pan will be great for car or canoe camping.

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