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If you’re entertaining or have a large family, the 12” seasoned steel skillet has you covered. Big enough to sear multiple steaks or toss a ton of pasta, it’s sure to please the crowd.


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G. Williams commented on 10-Mar-2014 02:22 PM3 out of 5 stars
I have been using this pan for 3wks. now and I just love it. It's seems to be well made and the 12ga. thickness should be a minimum standard used for any wok or fry pan. what would the "BEST ALL AROUND MARRIAGE BETWEEN WOK AND SKILLET" would be to take this 12in fry pan and to keep the same dimensions for the flat bottom cooking surface make this skillet 13in. wide instead of 12in. wide using the same flare, it would make the sides a bit higher also to keep down the grease splatter, hoping that Lodge Manf. would give this some consideration because this would make the "Absolute Perfect All Around Fry Pan" to cook ANYTHING except something acidic cause it's hard on the patina. Hey Lodge anybody got their ears on ?
G. Williams commented on 06-Mar-2014 09:20 AM3 out of 5 stars
This is an "Excellent Addition" if you already have a Wok cause your wok however desirable is just not suitable for all types of cooking. It's not a thin carbon steel either, it's a 12ga. steel which will lend it self to many years of service without warping !
ESantos commented on 14-Sep-2013 12:22 PM5 out of 5 stars
These are high quality carbon steel seasoned skillets for the professional and enthusiast alike. Maybe not for the casual cook since you have to have a fair amount of cooking experience to appreciate the design and construction of these fine utensils and to understand why they are not lined with a so-called "non-stick" surface. First of all if you maintain this pan they way it should be you will never need a non-stick surface. By building the seasoning layer on this pan you eventually get a far superior, NATURAL, non-stick surface. Never wash these pans with soap - simply scrub lightly with a synthetic pad under warm water, towel dry and resurface with a very light coating of vegetable oil. It is now ready for the next cooking session. This size is great for making three to four steaks or a large fish fillet. Sauteed vegetables that are first caramelized on the stove and then finished by roasting in the oven in the pan come out simply fantastic. A very versatile pan that can do anything.

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