Camp Dutch Oven Cooking Table


Sku: A5-7

Lodge brings the action closer to you with our sturdy Camp Dutch Oven cooking table.

Optional Cooking table tote bag is also available.


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ExUSNDiver commented on 01-Jan-2014 11:42 AM5 out of 5 stars
James Gillespie: If you didnt buy this product, your review is worthless. Do not ASSUJME its cheap, if its made in China. Ive had this table for about 18mos and have not had any issues whatsoever. I highly recommend this accessory, wherever you decide to buy it.
Chris Sewell commented on 25-Dec-2013 08:55 PM5 out of 5 stars
Made in China, but to the specifications of "LODGE". My Dutch Oven Table is a well made piece of cooking equipment. I am a proud owner of another Lodge made product. Don't be cheap, you get what you pay for!
James Gillespie commented on 10-Aug-2013 03:18 AM3 out of 5 stars
Made in China? Not good. Equates to cheap quality. Disapointed.

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