Hot Handle Mitt Camo


Sku: 2HHCAM2

For the outdoorsman or woman, these handle mitts are great for keeping the heat where it belongs.


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Irene Yoshida commented on 15-Sep-2013 12:27 AM3 out of 5 stars
Hi again, I think I forgot to rate it as 5 stars! --Irene yoshida
Irene Yoshida commented on 15-Sep-2013 12:24 AM3 out of 5 stars
These functional mitts are packaged and sold as a pair. I wondered how I could put the 2nd mitt to good use. Then I discovered that it functions perfectly as a sheath/sleeve for my kitchen tongs, the 9-inch, spring-jointed, stainless steel tongs! So great! I can quickly and easily insert the closed tongs into the mitt, and store it in the drawer. No more need for rubberbands to keep the tongs closed shut. So now I'm glad the Lodge company sells them as a pair!

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