The Lodge Cast Iron Cookbook is here!


It's here. It's here. The wait is finally over!

After months of pouring over recipes, chatting with chefs and authors, and shooting seductive photography, The Lodge Cast Iron Cookbook: A Treasury of Timeless, Delicious Recipes is now available. It has truly been a labor of love between us at Lodge and Oxmoor House publishing, and we hope you enjoy not only the unique recipes, but also the heart-warming narratives woven throughout.

This cookbook contains over 200 recipes collected from notable chefs and authors, including Rose Levy Beranbaum, John Currence, Julia Reed, and Allison Fishman, as well as Lodge family members and employees. Recipes range from passed-down treasures to inventive new dishes, each highlighting the benefits of cooking in Lodge Cast Iron both indoors and out.

The charisma and tradition of cast iron cooking is truly captured in this definitive text. Along with delectable recipes and photography, we've included our expert advice on the use & care of versatile Lodge products. We are proud to compile over 116 years of experience into this book. 

Chef Alton Brown puts it best, saying "Cast iron cookery IS American cuisine, and Lodge IS cast iron. Therefore, Lodge IS American cuisine."


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