How do I remove rust from my cookware?

Rust on Lodge Cast Iron Cookware indicates the seasoning needs to be replenished, or in some instances completely replaced. Three types of rusting can occur:

Flash Rusting: Usually, rust on a new piece of cookware is flash rusting. Rubbing vegetable oil briskly with a cloth on the affected area can remedy this type rust.

Profile Rusting: This is rust is seen and felt on the cookware. To remove this type rust use a very fine grade of steel wool or an abrasive soap pad, such as SOS, Brill, etc. to scrub the affected area. When the piece is scrubbed down to raw cast iron it should be re-seasoned immediately (video).

Severe Rust: If rust is covering the majority of the cast iron is considered severe. Perhaps the item has been in a state of neglect. No amount of hand scrubbing will remove this rust. To salvage the cookware take it to a local machine shop or auto/body shop and have it sandblasted, returning to its raw form. The cookware should then be seasoned IMMEDIATELY.